An horizontal vacuum furnace for high temperature and high vacuum heat treatment and process is installed in our premises. The vacuum furnace is made up of: vacuum sealed vessel, thermal chamber, vacuum pumping unit, cooling system, power& control, closed circuit water cooling system.
The pumping group is composed by the following units: 1 dry mechanical pump; 1 cryogenic pump; the vacuum valves are pneumatically operated. The pumping system is automatically sequenced to provide interlocked and fail/safe operation. All pumps shout down in case of power failure.
Useful dimensions: width 550mm, height 550mm, depth 1400mm.
Max operating temperature: 1400°C; High Vacuum 1×10-6 mbar or Ar-N partial pressure 10 mbar max.
A programmable logic control system is installed to provide a full control of the process and a touch screen panel is integrated as interface for the operator.


Our internal workshop in equipped with new generation machining centers such as milling machines (with working strokes up to x=4000mmmm, y=1200mm z=2000mm), turning milling machine (turn with auxiliary motorized spindle, up to diameter of 800mm and length 3000mm), CNC EDM spark erosion machines (- drill machine for holes down to 0.3mm on 150mm thick copper blocks –  cut machining up to 300mm of thickness) and grinding machine. The internal workshop allow us to manufacture all the parts in house with straightforward quality checks.


A laminar flow clean tent unit (each laminar flow module achieves the criteria of clean room class 100 according to US Fed. 209 E or ISO 5/ISO 6, respectively) is available inside the assembly area. An isolated platform foundation  in our clean room area (installed by AirLoc Company from Switzerland), allow us to perform high precision and low noise (vibrations) measurements of our systems and beamline components: we have characterized mirror pitch mechanisms down to a few nrad rms with sampling frequency as high as 500 Hz.


Two all-in-one strategy ACCURA II measuring machines (Carl Zeiss) are available in air conditioned room. This highly sophisticated measuring machine is able to measure using booth optical scanning and contact sensors .

The metrology equipments available are:

– Perthometer Mahr M2; measuring range up to 100 µm and resolution of 12 nm

– Ultrasound thickness gauge: Panametrics 26XDTL-93-M, measuring range from 0.5 mm up to 500
mm (depending on material), resolution 0.01 mm

– Height Gauge: Micro-Hite. Measuring range up to 800 mm, resolution of 0.001 mm, accuracy 0.003 mm

– Angular and linear measurement: Renishaw interferometer. For the linear measurement case the range is up to 40 m and the resolution is 0.001 µm. For the angular measurement the range is up to 10° with a resolution of 0.1 µrad

– Angular measurement: autocollimator with range up to 2000 µrad x  2000 µrad and resolution of 1 µrad

– Foerster Magnetoscop: measurement of magnetic permeability


The welding equipment integrates the workshop area. CINEL is equipped with MIG and TIG welding equipment: TIG Miller and Genesis type, MIG type Castomig, welding positioner. We use to weld the following metals
– stainless steel AISI 304/304L/316L/316LN grades => TIG and MIG methods
– aluminium series 5000 and 6000 => TIG and MIG methods
– OHFC copper => TIG method
A large ultrasound washing pool (1 x 1.5 m) with 3 stages is used for cleaning according to our UHV cleaning procedure (already approved by several customers): warm bath with detergent, tap water for first rinsing, demineralized water for final rinsing.


Three UHV vacuum test benches are available having dry pumping systems  installed. Three bake out controllers are able to drive 8 different zones each (maximum 2 KW per channel). Each test bench is equipped with:

– Dry pumping cart

– Ion pump

– UHV gauge

– RGA detector

Two leak detectors are available for testing purpose