CINEL staff includes a team of scientists and engineers with significant experience and skill on all the engineering aspects of the beamline/synchrontron and RF components design. This staff coordinates the drafting office who deals with all the technical aspects of the projects. The design office is equipped with workstations provided with Autocad and PTC Pro/Engineer software for 3D modelling.

CINEL is also equipped with CAD/CAM software for the programming of the machining centres (milling, turning and spark erosion machines).


Our internal workshop is equipped with several of machining centers, milling machines (with working strokes up to x=4000mm, y=1200mm z=2000mm), turning milling machine (turn with auxiliary motorized spindle, up to diameter of 800mm and length 3000mm), spark erosion machines (drill machine for holes down to 0.3mm on 150mm thick copper blocks), EDW machines (to cut up to 300mm of thickness) and grinding machine.

The workshop staff consist in 20 trained operators with almost 20-30 years experience in machining of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, Glidcop and special materials for UHV application.


All the company personell is fully aware and prepared in working following all the presriptions related to UHV instrument assembly and testing.

Cinel is equipped with a dedicated asssembly area compliant with particle-free CLASS 5 requirements.


CINEL provides upon request the technical support for the instruments installation  and for the commissioning of the equipments such as beam lines, monochromators, mirror chambers and front ends.


CINEL has acquired during the last years a relevant experience in the vacuum brazing and thermal treatment activity on a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, copper, Glidcop, and ceramics.
A vacuum furnace for high temperature and high vacuum heat treatment and process is installed in the second premises (useful dimensions diameter 700 mm depth 1400mm ; max operating temperature: 1400°C; High Vacuum 1 x 10-6 mbar or Ar-N partial pressure up to 10 mbar max) .


CINEL is equipped with MIG and TIG welding equipment: TIG Miller and Genesis type, MIG type Castomig, welding positioner.
The following metals and alloys are commonly welded:
– stainless steel AISI 304/304L/316L/316LN grades => TIG and MIG methods
– aluminium series 5000 and 6000 => TIG and MIG methods
– OHFC copper => TIG method
Welders (2 operators) are certified by the Italian Institut of Welding according to the European standards EN ISO 9606-1:2013.